Toby and Paola have been honored to receive letters like these:

"I know I wasn't the only one who found your presentation (both lecture and slide show) illuminating, informative and interesting. However, I think the unsolicited comment I received from a woman who manages a small bookstore in Rockland was the most astute of all. She said she couldn't have imagined a more appropriate emissary to travel to the remote corners of the world as a representative of women of the United States. Thank you for not only your presentation here but also the important mission you've chosen to do worldwide in spreading the word (and work) of craftswomen from remote areas."

"I belong to small group of women artists in the NW USA who are trying to start a collective and hope to eventually network with other women with similar intentions. It is very inspiring to know that these women, under difficult circumstances, have started their businesses."

"I love this book! I have already purchased 4 copies for my closest friends. The stories touched me and the photos put me in awe. Thank you for such a beautiful book."

"It has been a long time dream of mine to work with artisans creating lost arts and techniques ultimately aiding in the preservation of "hard won art wisdom" to be passed on to our new generation. I read somewhere that you make a living by what you get and you make a life by what you give. Thank you for your dedication and stamina in seeking both the details and the larger picture of your mission."

"I received your book and was awestruck at the wonderful women you met with and were able to photograph. What a beautiful piece of work you have done! I have taken it everywhere with me to show my women friends (and men, too). Great job!"

"Today I've had a chance to page through your book and find it very inspiring. Your work will touch so many people. Congratulations."

"This book is wonderful. I read the Preface and cried as I sat at my terminal cataloging In Her Hands. I see lots of books, lots of beautiful books, but I also felt something from your book. I am working attending graduate school learning to be a librarian. I want to use this profession to reach these women and their children to make a difference...It's time now that my kids are grown to work, work, work, work with passion, caring, humility and love..."

"I am contacting you on behalf of my mother...She was watching the Oprah Winfrey show a couple weeks ago and saw a segment on the craftswomen and how they struggle to provide food for their children. She would really like to help."

"I went to our monthly women's sharing circle and your book and the Oprah show were quite the topic of conversation. We all talked about what we can do as women to help those women in need. I am so glad you wrote the book."

"After receiving the message from The Crafts Center following the earthquake and stating the desperate situation, my husband and I looked for information about SEWA. Our source was In Her Hands, which I had received at Christmas. As I read about SEWA we both felt a need to respond with a sizeable donation. Those of us who are able to do so have a responsibility to stretch out our hands (resources) to help other women. It is a privilege to have this opportunity."

"I am encouraged to follow my heart as I watch you follow yours: you set a wonderful example. The book is a beautiful tribute to the women you met and those they represent around the world."

"I just learned about your book (from Oprah). Now that I know I would be helping sponsor independence, I will try to make more of my purchases count. There are so many beautiful crafts, I can see them as wonderful gifts, as well as things I would love to live with."