Seven of our photographs are shown by UNIFEM and the International Museum of Women at the United Nations General Assembly Public Lobby in June and July, 2000 in a multi-media exhibition of work created by 70 women artists from 50 countries. Dinah and Marley demonstrate their craft at the opening reception. Our friend Nilda Callanaupa, demonstrating traditional Peruvian weaving, at the exhibition shares some of her intricate work with Marley.

Ritu Sharma, Executive Director of Women's Edge, and an official US NGO delegate to the UN's Beijing Plus Five Conference, stops by to talk. Dinah gives Judith Joseph, our publishing consultant, a miniature South African flag pin.

Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations and his wife welcome Dinah and Marley, who give them AIDS awareness pins they have just finished beading.

At the Beijing Plus Five meeting Dinah and Marley meet other African women.