Toby talking with camels in Turkey. Paola and Therese Grumede, a Zulu woman, walk toward the turnip field.

Paola "breaking the glass ceiling" in Turkey (men use pottery wheels in Konya). When Paola admires the Ndebele healers' braids (each ends in a cowrie shell), one sangoma removes her wig and puts it on Paola. Toby, with Keyla Rochas, Shipibo craftswoman in Peru, both stand inside one embroidered sarong.

Paola photographs Olivia Asij, Mayan weaver in the highlands of Guatemala. Toby and Evangelina Saavedra link arms and toast each other with gourds of chicha (corn beer) in Tarata, Bolivia.

Toby being dressed in traditional ceremonial clothes, by Ndebele women in South Africa. Yasmina De La Ossa paints Paola's nose as Kuna Indian women do in the San Blas Islands, Panama.

Sevim Karabyik, our interpreter in Soganli, Turkey. Betty, an Ndebele beadwoman, teaches Paola to ululate.

Balinese women loaned us ceremonial sarongs and sashes (to divide the pure upper body from the impure lower part, they explained) so we could photograph in Hindu temples on Galungan holiday.
Dinah Mahlangu presents Paola with craft gifts on her 58th birthday.

Lalita Krishnaswami, Vice President of the Self Employed Women's Association, Ahmedabad, India. Paola and Toby take an afternoon off to ride an elephant in Northern Thailand.
Enesia Nyazorwe, one of the Weya painters, has just sent us this current picture of her family. Her younger son appears in the Zimbabwe chapter as a littler boy. Marianna Houston, Education Director of Theatre Development Fund (right), presents In Her Hands to Her Excellency Mme Anna Mkapa, the First Lady of Tanzania (left.)