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this year's Halloween theme Adidas Basketball to " Night of the Ballin'Dead" as the theme, respectively, to D, Lillard 1, J, Wall, 2 , Crazy 8, and today's protagonist D Rose 6 modeled.

black shoes, red midsole and heel, white Boost, slow epicenter and translucent outsole showing D Rose 6. Can it attract you?
II .." TITLE=" Conquer... Go to other people's sites and wild... BD II .." /> Conquer... Before the in writing when a pair of BD II had introduced BD... II a total of two help, named Defend and Conquer..
...The name
comes from the concept of "home away" in NBA... 82 games a year in NBA, and half of the games need to go to other people's turf games.....

, therefore, spawned the concepts of Defend and Conquer.....

Defend stands for home games... At home, it's natural to change your home, not to let the enemy take his territory.....

today we say Conquer, on behalf of the away game... And the away game is going to another site wildly....
since it is Conquer, so naturally compared to Defend to make some... In product performance, it is also true.....

if BD, II, Defend is more restrained, then BD II Conquer on a lot of publicity: with the fashionable words: "domineering exposed".. zipper in the last century in 90s and at the beginning of this century is a lot of basketball shoes commonly used configuration... Also left us with a lot of shoes classic..
is better than wind, 1 wind, 2, such as Pippin and Payton's two pairs of shoes, such as I3, answer4,..
, and so on
but in the new millennium, the use of the zipper shoes less... The reason is very simple, the zipper of things, is a double-edged sword..

on the one hand, because the package. This kind of reason the front zipper shoes will be strong, on foot fixed very well...
on the other hand, because of the same reason of zipper shoes, foot type is very high... Generally only thin foot type wear is suitable for.
, and some people with wider feet, wearing zippers can be very painful, and they can't even zip the zip at all.....

, and the Chinese foot type compared to the European and American people, foot type will be more wide... So the limitations also seem to be a little bigger... to tell you the truth, I don't have much chance to wear basketball shoes now. "BD II Conquer, I'm just..."

This is the most common symptoms, many people will panic in running after.
is running in the process of running, the pain suddenly appeared at the lower abdomen chest left or right lower body condition. This is a relatively common symptoms, many people will panic in the running, but this is not a very serious problem, need only a few simple steps, you can recover.

: how to do a running

1: men once running, do not have to stop running immediately, to consciously breathe, breathe slow frequency, enhance the amplitude of respiration, persist after a period of time most of the symptoms will naturally ease the pain, and did not have much impact on health.

2: if chest pain pain is severe, you can try to hold your breath, stretch muscles or tapping and other methods to alleviate. The correct approach is as follows: take a deep breath, and then hold the breath, then from the top to the bottom of the left and right sides beat the chest, then slowly exhale or do deep in a deep breath, please others fist chest back slapping thump from top to bottom, to the attention of moderate intensity. In addition to repeated rolling body lying on the mat, it can relieve pain, chest pain symptoms disappeared.

two: the prevention methods of running

1: first, plan your eating time before exercise, make sure that most of the food has been digested during exercise, that is to say, do not exercise immediately after meals.

2: be ready to work before exercise. This is not just about warm-up, but eating too much high sugar or hypertonic drinks in the diet. This is one of the reasons can cause chest pain.

3: pre exercise full stretch body that helps reduce the probability of occurrence of chest pain. You can also lift your right hand at the same time and stretch to the left as far as you can, then keep the action for 30 seconds, then slowly relax, then change the left hand up to the right to stretch.

4: please slow down the rhythm of movement Chaqi until its extinction.

5: you can also try to stitch parts to press massage, and make the body to make the diaphragm can be as far as possible forward tension, so that help to relieve the pain.

three: running things like
During the course of
exercise, it is suddenly found that one of the parts of the body is painful and will feel panic and want to give up. In fact, this just stitch, not what big deal. Such pain often occurs where the lower abdomen of the lower part of the chest or the lower abdomen on the right. (Dahe network)

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