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With Howard and domestic brands in full swing for a series of activities, compared to Adidas to be a lot of lonely. Recently, online exposure suspected Adidas Howard launched Adidas D Howard 6 "Christmas" new color, the shoes to the shoe body through the green pine, pine pine shoes side with light green decorative elements, in addition to add luster to the bronze material, whole shoe money holiday breath Guangcaizhaoren strong.

is worth mentioning is the tongue with Howard Logo and Howard insoles on Christmas portrait, because Howard had to switch to other brands so that the shoe is in an embarrassing situation, but the shoe will be able to what attitude toward the world, let us wait and see.

(Global shoes network editor plum)

recently on the Internet a boy to Spa more than 1000 of the vote as a female instrument brush to brush a shoe, also have their own experience PO out, in order to warn the male friends after brushing her white shoes, must be careful, careful, cautious!
heard that the boys got a good life later, and they fed three meals a day; shoes are clean. But... Isn't it good to live?
so you must be careful when you brush your little white shoes!
because maybe your shoes are worth 30 yuan, you use a 1000 dollar brush to brush it.

a few days ago, Hubei Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision seized a huge case of selling and selling fake brand shoes in Jiayu county. The fake shoes found on the spot had Vance
CONVERSE (Converse)
Kappa (Kappa)
and other 9 brands

from the seized part of the production and sales documents, counterfeit and forged origin of illegal products up to 840 thousand pairs! Involving more than 200 million yuan!
this counterfeiting team is very professional, courageous Dalian work more than 20 years of the Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision Bureau inspectors were stunned! The Secretary said: "I am engaged in inspection work for 20 years, is the first time to see such enterprises in a flagrant way of selling fake goods!"

let law enforcement personnel more surprised, the industrial park and the shoe factory production workshop door is open.
"in the past we investigated and dealt with the dens of counterfeiting were very covert, and mostly in the night secretly produced. This shoe factory is in the daytime production, and there is no cover, really unscrupulous!"
on-site crackdown personnel lamented "too like"

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