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& O:; T% V2 Adidas + S Crazy 1 has launched the Sunshine color, all star also has real exposure, the playoffs color texture quite also be on sale, and now there is a new color exposure. From inside the adidas product list, the number of G98370 Crazy 1 with a pink shoe body, collocation of fluorescent yellow lining and details, and there are special signs on the insole, the color for suspected for Valentine's day, or will be officially on sale in February 7th. 0 A (P4 C0 E2 _
Nike React
foam can be light or elastic. But generally speaking, foam can not only be light and elastic, but also has excellent durability. For Nike's innovation team, which includes earthquake mitigation experts and chemical engineers, the barrier is the driving force behind its innovations. They have worked together to develop a foam that combines three advantages, not two of them. The result is Nike React, which is a new innovation of Nike's cushioning technology and an important breakthrough in foam materials for footwear.

Nike React is also an example of Nike's expertise in interior manufacturing and innovation. In the hundreds of repetitions, Nike finely tuned chemicals - using scientific methods to add new attributes to the material. Think of the cake formula - Nike React's research and development, starting with testing all kinds of raw materials to see which ingredients will lead to the best results. The Nike's proprietary foam allows Nike to take full control of the Nike React features and manufacturing processes, and allows the company to apply this innovation to more athletes and sports events.

Nike React offers excellent resilience.

although there are many performance advantages that are obvious, none of these sports can test these three standards as smoothly as basketball. Basketball requires continuous change of direction and speed, or finish take-off in the action in a wink, continue to challenge the limits of shoes. Nike React this material makes people feel soft and elastic, but also soft and stable.

Nike React can provide excellent energy feedback, as the game progresses, always keep the same feeling.

Nike React was first applied to Jordan Super.Fly 2017 and Nike React Hyperdunk 2017, which was first worn by German Raymond Green (Draymond Green). Each pair of shoes contains an embedded Nike React core with a full palm length.

two basketball shoes are designed to be supported by athletes' data - how they move, where they go, and how they power - provided by the Nike sports research laboratory. These data are visualized by a pressure distribution chart that accurately shows the areas that the athlete needs to support and can optimize the cushioning and grip.
as a part of the slow shock revolution, Nike React is redefining the foam and other cushioning systems such as the Nike Air VaporMax and the possibility of using ZoomX Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% foam that every athlete can choose their own technology.

, Nike, React, Hyperdunk 2017 and Jordan Su>

"Mammoth" swept Shanghai, 5 hours and 28 minutes to witness the birth of the strongest group in Shanghai.

Beijing time May 22nd, 2016 "challenge 100- run together" ShangHai Railway Station in Shanghai car pier film and television base to start shooting. On the track full of old Shanghai customs, the "mammoth and crossroads" run group completed the entire 100 km running trip in 5 hours, 28 minutes and 18 seconds, and refreshed the "challenge 100" competition time.

"waves, waves, Rio I come!" Li Wei, head of the group, led the team to sing the classic theme song of Shanghai, expressing the ambition to compete for the championship to run into Rio. The "mammoth and cross" run group will join the runner up group "old friends meeting", representing Shanghai to compete in the June 26th finals in Yanqing Baili Gallery, Beijing. The final winner will go to Rio De Janeiro to run in the world's most beautiful 50 kilometre beach runway and participate in the four - year Olympic event.

"mammoth" is a giant of ancient times, now already in the earth disappear, however "mammoth aspect" is a group with an average age of only 24.2 year old youth activity composition. "The mammoth run group is actually a national organization. This team is a group of partners from the ShangHai Railway Station, and from all over the country." It happens that we are all younger. " Li Wei, the head of the group, said. In this team, the oldest Yang Shuai is only 28 years old, and half of the members are "post-90s" children.

"children" origin is not simple, many have engaged in professional marathon training. Today, the average member of the run group takes part in more than 20 and a half - horse and half - horse race in one year. This is also a "student run group, several of the National People's Congress, Beijing Normal University, Nankai University Students in reading. Naturally, their tactics are also very particular. Two female contestants set out in the second and fourth bars, when the weather was cool and suitable for girls. Li Wei, the head of the group, held the last stick so that he could finally start a sprint when he needed it.

actually, by the time Li Wei started, the second run group had not finished eighth. The suspense of the champion soon ended, and the first stick of "mammoth" was the fastest record of the first leg of the race. Although the second stick was a girl, the running group was once overtaken, but the third stick came back successfully. Since then, the "mammoth" continues to expand its advantages until all the members of the running group go back to the track, and the head of the group rushing over the finish line.

5 hours, 28 minutes and 18 seconds, means that the average member of each run regiment takes only about 33 minutes to complete a ten kilometre run. The fastest race before the race came from Shenzhen, 6 hours, 24 minutes and 48 seconds. And "mammoth cross" refreshed the fastest for nearly an hour.

however, it is said that the strength of the run regiment has not reached the limit. According to Liu Changming introduced many members, is just in the field of teammates attended other events, then the starry night came to participate in the challenge 100". "The one that came most late, to the hotel at five in the morning!" Liu Changming said the finals were to face the national model.

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