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reviewed adidas in 2016, became the second largest sportswear brand in the United States, and continued to take advantage of the chase this year and planned to increase its market share. According to researcher NPD retail group, Nike in the United States sports shoes market share of April is 34.7%, back in 2016 years 5 months when the 35.9% is really down; but Adidas 6.3% from the 2016 year 5 month rose to 2017 years 5 months 11.3%, America's sales growth in the first quarter of 31% this year.

Mark King, one of the
adidas North American executives, believes that one of the brand advantages is that it can be predicted before the trend takes place. It is undeniable that the fastest growing shoes today, is bound to "life attitude" based on the design of shoes, which is designed for the life of packaging shoes. Such as Adidas NMD and UltraBOOST, these become the best selling sports shoes brand. At the same time, Adidas is also constantly innovating, such as the recent emergence of new products - German Army Trainers and inspired by the movie "The Life Aquatic" shoes. adidas is working to improve the yield and speed, in terms of style will continue to inject more fresh topics and elements, and said to open more outlets to sell their products and the right product in the right market at the right time, suggesting that the adidas will cause the new impact on the shoes market.

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is officially opened by the 2017 "chain home China ·", sponsored by the Chinese track and field association and the chain family name. As a simple running activity close to the masses of the community, the theme of this community's running is "practice running and start from home", aiming to create a temperature participation, meaningful and interesting running event. "Chain China ·, community run" will be landing in 6 cities across the country, and there are three links of online running, training camp and city competition. At present, the online running segment has attracted more than 100 thousand participants.
It is reported that
, 2017 "chain home China · community run" will be the first station on June 25th 7:30-9:30 at the Beijing Olympic Forest Park officially began.

advocates healthy life and builds a harmonious neighborhood

modern urban fast-paced life and work pressure makes many people lack the necessary physical exercise, the body is in sub-health state, and the health of residents has become a topic of concern for chain owners. Following the first community running in 2016, chain owners once again set up a nationwide social networking platform for community residents. This year, participants can run at any time in 5km's running activities, play at any time, rest at any time and finish at any time. Chain members hope to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere through the simplest community running, advocate community residents to release their pressure from home, cultivate healthy lifestyle, and enhance their neighborhood feelings and build a warm and harmonious community environment.
2017 community run will be divided into three stages in each city in 6-9 months, such as online running, training camp, and urban competition. Online running links, residents can complete the task of APP log Wyatt laps punch honors, and participate in the recommendation and selection of the community of God, you can also sign up to the city tournament (also consulting stores line registration). In the training camp stage, the participants can choose to receive the warm-up guidance from the professional coach and start the running training in advance. Enter the city stage, all successful registration will be gathered in the field to participate in community run carnival, participants run Cheng Junke Medal Award completely, scores of groups and individuals will also get excellent to participate in the Beijing marathon and other international or national professional marathon free quota.

post station is considerate to help, the whole course run without worry about

the next few days, more than 1000 chain stores, 6 city will continue to open the "running station", community residents can run arbitrary APP records in 3 days of running to the nearby track chain running station "for free movement of supplies. In addition, each "running station" is set up the "community God God list" to collect the most powerful God in the community. During the activity period, the runner who runs the most kilometers will get some beautiful gifts from the chain home. The chain family is designed to protect community residents' sports experience while further simplifying the sports threshold, optimizing activity services, and letting residents participate in community running activities without worry.

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