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has another story today!
adidas Consortium will launch a Ultra Boost designed in the middle of the group, with the theme "Run Thru Time"". And limited sale, limited!

although Yeezymafia does not show that this Ultra Boost is with which unit joint, but from the background color of blue, white and red settings judgment, is likely to be from a French shoe store jointly build. Primeknit vamp with a large area of blue, three markers and the type of shoes to help lace socks, white collar ornament, very refreshing. And then with the patch is using the mirror texture of silver design, and finally with white Boost midsole and black rubber outsole, since to "Run Thru Time", then the comfort of this Ultra Boost will be very high.

more relevant information, please continue to pay attention to follow-up information.

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, a marathon power in Japan, a civil servant who works 40 hours a week, will be the fastest runner in the country to compete in the London World Championships next year. Sendai Yuki, 29 years old, is a government employee who works in ordinary office and wears glasses, but he is full of energy and looks like a man. In the past 2016, in his spare time he has participated in nearly 30 games, most performance can be stable in 2 hours and 15 minutes, he did not have much time for training, competition is able to maintain the first-class level in the world. He did not have any business sponsorship, but the bonus of a year earned more than the civil servants. Sendai Yuki is a heterogeneous group in the Japanese running world. He is totally different from those who are being sold by the big business and the whole staff as a whole. They provide funds and training conditions for the enterprises, and are very different for the "system" athletes who are competing for the enterprises. They only run for themselves. Because of this, Sichuan has become a model for the struggle of the Japanese working people.

training at the top level of professional
by amateur trainingIn the Fukuoka marathon in Japan on Sunday, Sendai Yuki scored third in 2 hours, 09 minutes, 11 seconds, second only to the top two Africans. Because the Fukuoka marathon is also a trial match for the London World Athletics Championships next year, the top three players are eligible to represent Japan, so the fastest runaway in Sichuan is well deserved.

but he was just an amateur, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, like most people. It was doomed that he would not be able to practice two a day like many of the top professional players, leaving him training time to one more day.

lives in Qi Yu County, Sichuan Province. His job is a civil servant of the local government. He is arranged to receive calls at a high school night school office, and input data and collect tuition fees and meals. It sounds boring, but in Sichuan's life hobby is to take a year's 25 day vacation basically for the country and around the world. The work time from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. makes the morning running training in the morning. Like most of the stereotyped Japanese, Chuan Kun runs 20 kilometers per day and spends about 2 hours every Thursday. He goes home from work every day, and he also uses self made tools for strength training.
The top
occupy any areas of expertise are not accidental, without mother's tough tutor, there might not be Sichuan today. In high school, Sendai Mika, a good middle distance runner, began his rigorous training program when his son was still in primary school. The local park every day a child running in the mother shouted, his task is to refresh the record of his day in and day out, if you have to slow penalty. No matter how happy to play video games with a small partner, he will get up in the training time: "I'm going to run now."

has received unusual training since he was a child, which has made Sichuan's campus track and field team from high school to university have been tenacious.

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